Animating the Online Classroom with Technology

ID: 53666 Type: Poster/Demo
  1. Galia Fussell and Barbara Green, Purdue University Global, United States

Wednesday, March 20 5:45 PM-7:00 PM

No presider for this session.

Universities and colleges have responded to the emergence of new millennium learners by fostering technology adoption in course teaching. Affordable technology is used in an online environment because multimedia tools have become cheaper to produce and more accessible to users. They create a sense of presence in the courses: instructor presence, social presence, and instructional presence. They have a positive effect on student understanding because instructions can be viewed by students as many times as they need. The video and poster session will discuss integrating technology into instruction that tends to move classrooms from teacher-dominated to student-centered learning environments. The presenters will show how they use technology effectively in teaching online courses; furthermore, the conference attendees will see how students utilize technology to create presentations with an “idea for change” related to their community or workplace. The focus will be on technology that is easy to use, readily available, and of little or no cost to the professor and students.


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