Share Paper: Establishing an International Technology-Infused Classroom of the Future

  1. Mike Searson, Kean University, United States
  2. Philip Connelly, Wenzhou-Kean University, China
  3. Huang Maofa, Peking University New Century School, China
Tuesday, March 27 10:55 AM-11:15 AM Whitney

Abstract: A Sino-US team of educators, administrators and community leaders work together to establish an innovative technology-infused classroom (and school) of the future. Community stakeholders—from university personnel to municipal leaders; from parents to local educators—have made it clear that they expect a pedagogically rigorous; yet, technologically innovative learning environment. The international Sino-US team comprises architects/designers; teacher educators and administrators; children’s authors and software designers. Building on current and past projects, the team embraces the requisite components in the establishment of contemporary and future learning spaces—including space and furniture design; technology integration; curriculum development; professional development A robust research plan is under ...