Share Paper: Technology as Social Change: Affirming Diversity, Educating for Equity, and Advancing Social Justice

  1. Rajni Shankar-Brown, Stetson University, United States
Tuesday, March 27 12:00-12:15 PM Whitney

Abstract: PreK-12 schools and higher education programs are situated within a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse, global society. Our world is filled with pervasive inequalities, including widening socioeconomic, racial and gender gaps. The causes and the effects of socioeconomic, racial and gender inequalities on teaching and learning merits the immediate attention of all educational stakeholders. Mindfully using technology to increase educational access and impact offers significant opportunities to advance social justice and sustain hope. Education preparation programs, including teacher education and educational leadership, must help candidates develop the knowledge and skills to build and sustain equitable learning environments. Multimodal technological platforms, including ...