Share Paper: Exploring Preservice Teachers’ TPACK in an Educational Technology Course

  1. Ozlem Karakaya, Iowa State University, United States
Friday, March 30 10:30-10:45 AM Whitney

Abstract: This study explores the relationship between preservice teachers’ self-reported assessment of technology knowledge and their actual technology integration into lesson plans. Students` responses to the TPACK survey (Schmidt, Baran, Thompson, Mishra, Koehler, & Shin, 2009) and lesson plan rubric scores (Harris, Grandgenett & Hofer, 2010) were collected in this study. Pearson correlation was conducted to analyze the relationship between students’ TPACK and their demonstrations of TPACK via lesson plans while descriptive statistics and content analysis were used to analyze to what extent preservice teachers incorporated TPACK into their lesson plans. The results indicate that there appears to be a mismatch ...