Share Paper: Implementing a Cyber Safety Curriculum with Middle School Students

  1. Teresa Petty, UNC Charlotte, United States
  2. Florence Martin, UNC Charlotte, United States
  3. Chuang Wang, UNC Charlotte, United States
  4. Chao Wang, UNC Charlotte, United States

Abstract: Cyber bullying, inappropriate social media, digital identity and impact of digital footprints are becoming issues that are facing middle school students across our nation. As the use of social media grows and students utilize technology more and more, there is a growing concern for students and for their safety. Given this, there is a need to educate middle school students and their teachers on cyber safety. Middle school students (n=593) were surveyed about digital footprints and concerns about social media. The results show that 17% started using social media at age nine or younger, 40% accepted friend requests from people ...