Share Paper: The Enhancement of Computational Thinking and Computer Science in the Middle Grades: A Research to Practitioner Approach with a Focus on Professional Development for Teachers of Middle Grades

  1. Beverly Boals Gilbert, Arkansas State University, United States
  2. Daniel Moix, Arkansas School for Mathematics Sciences & Arts, United States
  3. Hung-Chi Su, Arkansas State University, United States
  4. Edward Hammerand, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Arkansas State University, United States
  5. Donghoon Kim, Arkansas State University, United States

Abstract: The purpose was to facilitate Computer Science (CS) and Computational Thinking (CT) instruction in grades 5 – 8. Partner members include Director of Coding for the Arkansas Mathematics, Science, & Arts school, Arkansas Department of Education ADE, public schools and communities, University CS and Teacher Ed. This is based on the 2012 standards of the Computer Science Teaching Association (CSTA), the 2012 International Standards for Technology Educators (ISTE) and the ADE 2017 CS Standards for grades 5 – 8. Involvement from teachers and schools was sought for specific CSCT needs. The project, partially funded by Google, serves 56 teachers in ...