Share Paper: Graduate Students’ Perceptions Toward Educational Gamification in Online Learning Environments

  1. Sumayah Abu-Dawood, University of North Texas, United States
  2. Tandra Tyler-Wood, University of North Texas, United States
Wednesday, March 28 5:45 PM-7:00 PM Edison Ballroom D

Abstract: This poster illustrates results from an ongoing study to investigate students' attitudes toward the pleasurability of educational gamification in online learning environments. Using the Pleasurable Learning Experiences Scale (PLLEXs) (A, 2016), 15 graduate students in an online educational technology course participated in this survey. Graduate students' perceptions of the possibility of applying gamification in their coursework were explored including their: (1) Preferences for Instructions, (2) Preferences for Instructors' Teaching Styles, (3) Attitudes Towards Activities, and (4) Preferences for Learning Effectiveness. In addition, the results demonstrate the relationship found between students' online learning experience and their attitudes toward gamification. Results indicated ...