Share Paper: Google Docs: A Tool for Written Communication in Math Class

  1. Kathryn Shafer, Ball State University, United States
  2. Andrea Lohse, Prairie Middle School, United States
  3. Amy Vanderberg, Eastbrook High School, United States
Thursday, March 29 4:55 PM-5:15 PM Whitney

Abstract: In this paper, Shafer compares and contrasts action research studies conducted by two graduate students who completed master's degrees in secondary mathematics education at Ball State University under her supervision. Lohse and Vanderberg examined the use of Google docs in their pre-algebra and calculus classrooms, respectively. A common result of both action research studies was the importance of developing and modeling a student-friendly rubric and providing individualized feedback through the comment feature found in a Google doc. This paper includes excerpts from both action research reports, rubrics that were created to assess student work, and examples of Google documents that ...