Share Paper: Three Reasons for Improving Cybersecurity Instruction and Practice in Schools

  1. Christopher D. Coleman, Louisiana Tech University / University of North Texas, United States
  2. Elaine Reeder, Virginia Commonwealth University / University of North Texas, United States
Thursday, March 29 4:35-4:55 PM Whitney

Abstract: Information security, or cybersecurity, has become a critical field for modern society. While they may not seem it, schools are a critical battleground for these cybersecurity issues. On the business side, schools maintain sensitive records about students and parents that would be a treasure trove for identity thieves. In their classrooms, high-speed Internet connections and the adoption of 1-to-1 computing and the Internet of Things make school networks an appealing target for hackers looking to build botnets. Meanwhile, the instruction provided is expected to prepare all students with the necessary skills to be productive in a cyber-centric society and encourage ...