Share Paper: Caregiver Training Program on Emergent Literacy of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Users.

  1. Meghan Bowers, Murray State University, Speech Language Pathology, United States
  2. Karen Coulter, Murray State University, Assistant Professor Speech Language Pathology, United States
Friday, March 30 12:10-12:30 PM Wright

Abstract: Current research has shown both pediatric and adult augmentative and alternative (AAC) users underachieve in their reading and spelling skills. Their underperformance is not secondary to a lack of cognitive and linguistic abilities (Sandberg, Smith, & Larsson, 2010). The outcome of improved literacy for this population will mean improved educational opportunities, vocational opportunities, self-expression, potential for independent living, and entertainment (Light, McNaughton, Weyer, & Karg, 2008; Erickson, 2003). The purpose of this study was to determine if a parent-centered literacy training program for AAC users will increase the users’ emergent literacy skills. A pretest posttest design was used to determine ...