Share Paper: Influences of Self Efficacy on Cognitive Presence in Mobile Game-Based Instruction

  1. Yu-Hsuan Chen, Department of Visual Communication Design, Taipei University of Maritime Technology, Taiwan
  2. Chang-Hwa Wang, Department of Graphic Arts and Communications, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Tuesday, March 27 3:20-3:40 PM Bell

Abstract: Research has indicated that including game schemes in mobile learning could improve learning achievements. However, recent research on mobile game-based learning has mostly emphasized on the technological aspects of the game building. More studies are still necessary for investigating the learner’s cognitive aspects while they are immersed in the mobile game. According to the Community of Inquiry (Col) model, cognitive presence (CP) is one of the most critical elements that influences the learning outcome, and successive learning outcomes would require deeper stages of cognitive presence, that usually difficult to achieve. However, past research on CoI felt short in investigating the ...