Share Paper: Assistive Technologies to Support Students with Language-Based Learning Differences

  1. Bryce Walker, National Institute for School Leadership, United States
Thursday, March 29 4:55 PM-5:15 PM Bell

Abstract: In the Individuals with Disabilities Act (2004) Assistive Technologies (ATs) are broadly defined as “any technology, which enhances the performance of individuals with disabilities” (Haq & Elwaris, 2013). ATs can be devices, items, equipment, or product systems that increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of students with disabilities (IDEA, 2004). The purpose of ATs are to provide students with the controls and devices to access, manipulate, and reproduce instructional content in the mode of their learning needs. Parette, Crowley, and Wojcik (2007) indicate that AT can reduce the effects of certain disabilities and allow students to focus their ability ...