Share Paper: To Use or Not to Use: Are Faculty Members Integrating Technology in Their Classrooms in Higher Education?

  1. Krista Lussier, Thompson Rivers University, Canada
  2. Tara Lyster, Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Wednesday, March 28 3:00-3:20 PM Whitney

Abstract: Technology is ubiquitous in all aspects of life. However, there appears to be a slower integration in higher education as compared to industry (Trusko, 2015). With this increased availability of technology, students and faculty expectations and demands are increasing (Marzilli et. al, 2014). These rapid changes in society and in education have required institutions to develop new ways to support and meet the demands of a more technologically advanced 21st century learner and the educator responsible to work with them. However, these new initiatives are not always fulfilling their intent. There is three decades of research supporting the use of ...