A digital storytelling framework for the acquisition of basic pipelining thinking skills by K-12 students

ID: 52507 Type: Virtual Paper
  1. Maria Kordaki, University of the Aegean, Greece, Greece

Abstract: : This paper focus on the use of Digital Storytelling (DST) as a framework for the development of the concept of “pipelining” -that is a fundamental concept of Computational Thinking (CT) - by K-12 students.. Thus, this study proposes a framework for the creation of digital stories -using social and constructionist views of learning- to help K-12 students develop pipelining thinking skills emphasizing: (a) the expression of their preliminary approaches on task-processing and their transformation to pipelining, (b) digital story creation with examples of daily live, (c) collaboration with their classmates, (d) non programming activities, and (e) learning subjects not only related to STEM. A study identifying DST as a context for the nurturing of pipelining thinking skills by K-12 level students has not yet been reported. This is the contribution of this paper. In fact, students are supported to develop digital stories through a framework of a five-stage procedure using examples of the daily activity where pipeline processes are useful and effective, exploiting at the same time all the benefits provided by DST-creation. The proposed framework could become an alternative way of approaching the concept of pipelining even by young students without programming knowledge.


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