Share Paper: Exploring the Impact of Stakeholder Engagement on the Integration of Educational Technology in Elementary Schools: Expanding the Will-Skill-Tool Model with Contextual Variables

  1. Dominik Petko, Schwyz University of Teacher Education, Switzerland
  2. Doreen Prasse, Schwyz University of Teacher Education, Switzerland
Wednesday, March 28 4:15-4:45 PM Edison C

Abstract: The “will-skill-tool” model has been one of the most concise models for examining educational technology integration in schools. In addition, studies have shown that its three core factors – teacher beliefs, teacher skills and the quality of the infrastructure – are embedded in a larger context. In order to advance the understanding of the contextual influence of different stakeholders, a structural equation model was tested with data from a survey of N=349 elementary school teachers in Switzerland. Results show that teacher beliefs are mainly influenced by the engagement of school principals, while teacher skills seem to be more dependent on ...