Share Paper: The Impact of Teachers’ Beliefs on Their Different Uses of Technology

  1. Liu Haixia, Michigan State University, United States
  2. Matthew Koehler, Michigan State University, United States
  3. Lina Wang, South China Institute of Software Engineering, China
Thursday, March 29 1:45 PM-2:15 PM Bell

Abstract: This study explores how teachers' pedagogical beliefs and beliefs in students' readiness to use technology are related to their classroom uses of technology. The participants in this study were 202 foreign language teachers in China because these teachers often use technology in language teaching, hold a wide variety of beliefs, and represent an understudied population of teachers when it comes to technology usage. We found support for four types (i.e., clusters) of teachers' pedagogical beliefs, and that these types led to statistically significant differences in levels of both traditional and constructivist uses of technology. We also found that teachers' who ...