Share Paper: Understanding creativity and the role of technology in education: a tri-modal approach

  1. Edwin Arthur Creely, Monash University, Australia
  2. Danah Henriksen, Arizona State University, United States
  3. Michael Henderson, Monash University, Australia
Thursday, March 29 11:30 AM-12:00 PM Curie

Abstract: Creativity is widely viewed as pivotal to 21st Century education, and thus is frequently connected with technology. However, creativity continues to be ill defined, difficult to recognise and even harder to systematically develop in students and in teachers. This paper proposes a new way of understanding creativity, with an eye toward technology in education settings. The authors propose that creativity has three modes of operation and emergence: the Visceral (embodiments), the Ideational (mind and conceptual) and the Observational (critical, economic and social). This paper presents creativity dynamically and cohesively as representing individual creative experience and output, in embodied ways with ...