Share Paper: Interactive Presentation Tools Using Mobile Devices

  1. Yue Dong, Ohio University, United States
  2. Natalia Kavun, Ohio University, United States
  3. Michael Senteney, Ohio University, United States
  4. Jessa Ott, Ohio University, United States
Tuesday, March 27 1:45 PM-2:45 PM Edison Ballroom D

Abstract: There are many presentation tools that help educators make their teaching more interactive. The main presentation tools that are highly effective are Nearpod, Pear Deck, Poll Everywhere and Mentimeter. This presentation will discuss in detail all of the tools and their specifics. Nearpod is a user-friendly, interactive app/website used for communicative language teaching and learning. As a supplemental unit of regular language teaching, Nearpod provides lecture presentation with different types of real-time interactive activities. Like Nearpod, Pear Deck is also an interactive slide presentation program. Students can connect to your presentation on any device with a web browser or you ...