Steppin' Your Scholarly Game Up: Engage Students with Gaming Elements

ID: 52224 Type: Best Practices
  1. Jenna Corraro, Seton Hall University, United States

Wednesday, March 28 10:15-10:30 AM Location: Edison G View on map

Presider: Joanne Marciano, Michigan State University, United States

Abstract: Gamification is a sizzlin’ topic since research has shown how gaming elements can mesh with academia and increase student learning Your imagination, creativity, and some tools in your LMS can transform your course into a game-like academic experience This session will showcase how to use the tools in your LMS to gamify your course and increase student engagement without decreasing the quality of the content Student engagement is a hot topic due to the way technology has pervaded education, changed pedagogy, and influenced students’ learning Using the tools available in the LMS, the example course that will be shown is designed using the activity completion feature to emulate a game like environment Students must complete previous activities or meet certain requirements for the next activity to open or unlock To add emphasis to the game style course, strategically naming of the levels and activities was important It is at the instructor’s discretion of how they want to use the tools within their LMS to gamify their course Gamifying is just one way to increase student engagement but not the only way the tools in your LMS can be used The strongest takeaways are to understand why it is important to focus on adding game-like elements to a course without sacrificing content and to remember that increased student engagement means increased student learning


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