Share Paper: Using video to support the teaching practice of teacher candidate – outputs of an academics’ iterative technology development experience

  1. Christopher Dann, University of Southern QLD, Australia
  2. Beverly Dann, University of Sunshine Coast, Australia
Wednesday, March 28 2:15-2:45 PM Edison G

Abstract: Teacher candidates’ practicum is central to their preparation and certification yet practicum yet connecting theoretical knowledge practicum learning and practicum assessment using video reflection is a problematic field of research This paper responds to the call from (Boud & Molloy, 2013) to document issues and experiences of academics who attempt to design, develop and implement digital assessment applications Artefact developed during the design, creation and examination of a digital video application developed to address formative assessment, professional dialogue, feedback and improving summative judgements are presented It is argued that iterative practioner based action research can create a highly practical application ...