Share Paper: Digital Tools for Integrating Reading and Writing Instruction in English Education - Grades 6-12

  1. Kristina Doubet, James Madison University, United States
  2. Gena Southall, Longwood University, United States
Thursday, March 29 3:20-3:40 PM Edison G

Abstract: Although the disciplines of reading and writing should be woven together as integrated, interdependent practices in grades 6-12 (NCTE 2016), most middle and high school teachers implement separate instructional units for reading and writing, connecting the two disciplines only through the narrow lens of literary analysis (Graham & Herbert, 2010). A study of teacher perceptions and practices regarding integrating literacy instruction confirmed this disconnect, revealing it stems primarily from teachers' lack of training and a resulting sense of pedagogical insecurity (Doubet & Southall, 2017). This paper presents a variety of approaches to using digital tools to help grades 6-12 preservice ...