Share Paper: Taking the “EdTec tour of what’s possible”: Engaging beginning teacher education candidates and faculty in experiences to challenge concepts of technology use in the classroom through Breakout EDU

  1. Jon Clausen, Ball State University, United States
  2. Phil Boltz, Ball StateUniversity, United States
  3. Jessica Dubois, Ball State University, United States
Wednesday, March 28 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Edison Ballroom D

Abstract: Extending the scope of integrative educational technology application within teacher preparation programs is more than a matter of isolated educational technology coursework In order to create opportunities for teacher candidates and faculty to reflect on and develop technology use within their own teaching practice, current pedagogical models and technologies are applied in a midsize teacher preparation program Breakout EDU workshops informed by the TPACK framework in a space equipped with multiple emerging technologies creates experiences that enable teacher candidates as well as faculty to creatively build new technology into their own teaching As a result, the surrounding cultural intent is ...