Share Paper: Examining a “Five Community Typology” to Support Designing for Community Participation in PK-12 Practice: Does “It” Belong?

  1. Dawn Hathaway, George Mason University, United States
Friday, March 30 11:30 AM-12:00 PM Banneker

Abstract: The calls to reimagine citizenship largely ignore the ill-defined and changing nature of community participation. Little guidance is provided in the literature to rethink curriculum related to engaging learners in community participation. Informed by five community types used by online community managers, an online course was designed to support teachers’ designing for community participation. This study examined 27 practicing teachers’ perspectives about the efficacy of a five community typology to inform their learning and designing. A selected threaded discussion, synthesis reflections, and design documents were qualitatively analyzed. Overall, findings indicated the five community typology enlightened notions about the importance of ...