Share Paper: A Delphi Study to Develop an Inventory of Competencies Needed to Facilitate Instruction in Student-Centered, 1:1 Learning Environments

  1. Andrea Parrish, Towson University, United States
  2. William Sadera, Towson University, United States
Thursday, March 29 4:45 PM-5:15 PM Edison B

Abstract: Today’s one-to-one learning environments have nuanced pedagogical characteristics when compared to traditional learning spaces One-to-one technology is not only increasing, but has been set as an imperative by the United States Department of Education (USDE, 2014) Therefore, it is critical that we identify the competencies educators must embody to deliver effective instruction in these classrooms Through the use of the Delphi method, the purpose of this study was to assemble a nationwide panel of subject matter experts to develop an inventory of teaching competencies needed to facilitate student-centered instruction in one-to-one environments The resulting inventory serves as a resource for ...