Share Paper: A Multi-University: Use of simSchool to Increase Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers’ Understanding of the Use of Differentiated Instruction and the Understanding of Classroom Management and Behavior

  1. Vickie Johnston, Florida Gulf Coast University, United States
  2. David Collum, Missouri Baptist University, United States
Thursday, March 29 3:20-3:40 PM Bell

Abstract: In order to develop practitioners who can serve all learners, teacher education programs must prepare teacher candidates to enter a wide range of diverse teaching environments In order to help candidates understand cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity in our P12 communities, the understanding of differentiated instruction and classroom management is vital A simulated classroom is an innovative field experience that can foster dispositional development and help preservice teachers understand differentiated instruction and classroom management Simulated classrooms are also an innovative practice that can help preservice teachers connect learning by allowing them to test out pedagogical ideas to see what ...