Share Paper: Results from Rice University WeTeach_CS: A Computer Science Teaching Collaborative Serving Teachers with Different Needs through Variety of Pathways

  1. Adem Ekmekci, Rice University, United States
  2. Richard Parr, Rice University, United States
  3. Alice Fisher, Bellaire High School, Houston Independent School District, United States

Abstract: Computer science (CS) is one of the school subjects that gained a great attention recently, yet it faces challenges such as teacher shortages and huge variability in teachers’ professional preparation. These challenges make PD efforts even more critical to develop in-service teachers to effectively teach CS topics. This paper presents results from Rice University School Mathematics Project’s WeTeach_CS program, a CS teaching collaborative that provided 20 CS teachers with an innovative professional development. The innovation comes from the four different pathways to serve diverse needs of the teachers in the best way possible and each pathway having several components spread ...