Share Paper: Exploring Computational Thinking in Preschool Math Learning Environments

  1. Heather Lavigne, Education Development Center, United States
  2. Jillian Orr, WGBH Educational Foundation, United States
  3. Marisa Wolsky, WGBH Educational Foundation, United States
Wednesday, March 28 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Edison Ballroom D

Abstract: Researchers and public media content developers are working in collaboration with teachers and children on the NSF-funded project Integrating Computational Thinking (CT) into Mathematics Instruction in Rural and Urban Preschools, which is investigating the CT teaching and learning process through the research and development of classroom resources (a set of hands-on activity and digital app prototypes). In this paper, we will give an overview of the project’s CT learning goals for preschoolers and CT’s proposed alignment with preschool math instruction, provide a description of our approach to prototype development, and articulate lessons learned from classroom observations and working with teachers ...