Share Paper: Advice Seeking and Giving in the Reddit r/Teachers Online Space

  1. Jeffrey Carpenter, Elon University, United States
  2. Connor McDade, Alamance Burlington School System, United States
  3. Samantha Childers, Elon University, United States
Thursday, March 29 4:45 PM-5:15 PM Banneker

Abstract: Reddit is a social media platform that allows users to share, vote on, and discuss content In order to understand how educators have taken advantage of Reddit’s affordances, this paper explores the nature of posts to a subreddit focused on teachers, r/Teachers The top 25 posts and the associated responses in r/Teachers were scraped during a twenty day period Analysis of post content suggested that individuals who posted to r/Teachers most frequently engaged in seeking and giving advice related to both technical and emotional aspects of teaching Some posts addressed matters that may have been perceived as too sensitive to ...