Share Paper: Developing STEAM Problem-Solving Units Through the Lens of Cognitive Apprenticeship

  1. Abby Baker, Clemson University, United States
  2. Amanda Bennett, Clemson University, United States
  3. Danielle Herro, Clemson Univeristy, United States
  4. Cassie Quigley, Clemson University, United States
Wednesday, March 28 3:00-3:20 PM Banneker

Abstract: Recently, scholars have suggested that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education affords American students opportunities for authentic and innovative ways to solve problems Despite the growing interest in STEAM, educators are unsure of how to create quality STEAM experiences for their classrooms, this is likely due to a lack of conceptualization and limited professional development To that end, this paper offers a STEAM instructional unit, based on an empirically tested conceptual model, that analyzes STEAM instruction from the lens of a cognitive apprenticeship Using qualitative case study methodology to analyze teacher-created STEAM units, our research explores how the ...