Share Paper: Using Formative Assessment Technologies to Support the Five Practices for Facilitating Mathematical Discussions Around Cognitively Demanding Tasks

  1. Gabrielle Read Jasnoff, University of Louisville, United States
Thursday, March 29 12:10-12:30 PM Banneker

Abstract: Formative assessment technology can provide optimal support implementing the "five practices for facilitating mathematical discussions around cognitively demanding tasks" (Stein, Engle, Smith, & Hughes, 2008; Smith & Stein, 2011). These technologies can provide instant feedback using student responses in various forms including multiple choice questions, short answer, discussion, in the case of Nearpod and Formative, student handwriting, and in the case of Desmos, graphs, tables, and constructions. For mathematics, this is a game changer! Each of the five practices, as well as how formative assessment technologies address each practice to impact student learning, are described in detail below.