Share Paper: International Students’ use of Technology for Learning and Communication in their Home Countries and the US: Implications for Administrators, Faculty and Students

  1. Crystal Machado, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States
  2. Abdulsalami Ibrahim, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States
Wednesday, March 28 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Edison A

Abstract: Abstract: There is a dearth of literature that describes international students’ use of technology in their home and host countries. To bridge this gap, we used a survey approach to collect quantitative and qualitative data from international students at a mid-sized research university in the East Coast of the United States. We used descriptive statistics to compare students’ access and use of digital and instructional technologies in their home countries and U.S. Pearson’s product-moment correlation revealed relationships exist between perceived usefulness and frequency of use. The quantitative and qualitative findings, discussed in this paper have implications for administrators, faculty and ...