Share Paper: Dynamic Visualization in Education of Mathematics

  1. Daniela Velichov√°, Slovak University of Technology, Fac. of Mechanical Eng., Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Wednesday, March 28 5:45 PM-7:00 PM Edison Ballroom D

Abstract: New challenges of ICT aided education are discussed in the paper, with presented examples of utilization of dynamic mathematical software GeoGebra in teaching basic courses of university mathematics and geometry at technical universities Visualization of basic concepts, relations and dependencies appearing in mathematical models is undoubtedly an integral part of the educational in maths Dynamic models play one of the formative roles in the process of knowledge acquisition, as they stimulate cognitive processes and enable development of life, interactively manipulative cognitive connections Dynamic constructions and manipulations are the most powerful features of software GeoGebra, which can be fruitfully utilised in ...