Share Paper: Digital Show and Tell: Digital Journaling With Interactive Whiteboard Apps for Formative Assessment

  1. Deborah Kozdras, University of South Florida, Gus A. Stavros Center, United States
  2. Christine Joseph, East Carolina University, United States
Tuesday, March 27 12:00-12:15 PM Edison A

Abstract: We considered digital storytelling (Ohler, 2006) as an umbrella term, which included digital video, slideshows, and any other applications that students can use to tell stories (narrative, informational, or argumentative) with multimedia These technologies include movie-making software (iMovie, MovieMaker), slideshow applications (PowerPoint, Keynote), and interactive whiteboard apps (ShowMe, Educreations) In this presentation, we report on the particular affordances we discovered with the interactive whiteboard apps Interactive Whiteboard Apps are generally used in many online tutorial websites, like Khan Academy, as teaching tools These interactive whiteboard apps allow individuals to create presentations using images, text, drawings, and audio voice-overs We used ...