Share Paper: Designing Online Courses: Does the Job Description Match the Supervisor's Expectations?

  1. Laura Gray, St. Leo University, United States
  2. Melissa Crane, Snap, Inc., United States
Friday, March 30 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Edison Ballroom D

Abstract: A recent study was undertaken to determine if there was a congruency between what instructional designers (more specifically, those who design online courses for K-12 and university education) did on the job and their supervisors' views of what they were supposed to do The literature suggests that supervisors' views of the design process and designers' duties and designers' perceptions of their duties can be vastly different This presentation seeks to differentiate between what design supervisors feel is the role of their employees and what instructional designers, especially those who have just finished their degree programs, feel they should be doing ...