Share Paper: Graduate Student Success with Virtual Mentors: Can the Incorporation of Industry Leaders Enhance Student Engagement in the Classroom?

  1. Carrol Warren, North Carolina State University, United States
  2. Michelle Bartlett, North Carolina State University, United States
  3. Diane Chapman, North Carolina State University, United States
Wednesday, March 28 2:15-2:30 PM Edison A

Abstract: This paper on best practices explores existing opportunities to support both students and faculty through mentorship. The extension of experiences beyond the traditional classroom, for students, and beyond new faculty orientation, for new faculty members, can be supported by the incorporation of mentors. The added perspective of a mentor can be a valuable resource providing guidance, support, and meaningful connections to those who may often feel disconnected, even in a virtual environment. Faculty at NC State University have incorporated mentorship experiences in three different areas: graduate distance education programs, community organizations, and faculty development; through these experiences, both students and ...