Share Paper: A Quantitative Examination of Mobile Game Players, Their Gaming Habits, and the Potential of Mobile Games for Learning

  1. Boaventura DaCosta, Solers Research Group, United States
  2. Soonhwa Seok, Korea University, Korea (South)
Tuesday, March 27 11:30-11:50 AM Edison G

Abstract: This study (N = 1,950) examined the characteristics of the mobile game player. Specifically, we investigated technology ownership; game genre and title preference; where and how often games are played; factors that influence game selection, the most desirable features, reasons behind play, and psychophysical changes; and spending habits with regard to game purchases. The findings supported many of the claims generally made about the casual game player. Mobile games were played for short periods (less than 30 minutes), while waiting, as a result of boredom, or as a way to pass the time, suggesting that this type of play is ...