Share Paper: If There’s TPACK, is There Technological Pedagogical Reasoning and Action?

  1. Judi Harris, William & Mary School of Education, United States
  2. Michael Phillips, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia
Thursday, March 29 1:45 PM-2:15 PM Banneker

Abstract: The notion of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) was modified by multiple authors to become technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK or TPACK), spawning much active and dynamic scholarship since 2001. Currently, many researchers see TPCK/TPACK as the knowledge that teachers need to integrate technologies effectively into learning and teaching. Shulman’s PCK, however, was just one element in a much larger conceptualization of a knowledge base for educators, and that full range of knowledge was posited as being used by teachers in recursive processes of pedagogical reasoning and action. This begs the question: if there is TPCK/TPACK, which is rooted in PCK, ...