Share Paper: The Semantic Analysis of Media Influence in Moodle-based Self-reflective Entries of Intercultural Encounters of Children and University Students

  1. Kahoko Matsumoto, Tokai University, Japan, Japan
Tuesday, March 7 3:40 PM-4:00 PM Capitol B

Abstract: This study looks into the influence of mass media in the self-reflective entries of intercultural encounters made by 35 elementary school students and 41 university students. Detailed text analysis was done to spontaneous entries in the Council of Europe’s “Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters" (AIE), a self-reflective learning tool widely used in Europe after collecting subjects’ responses using the Moodle. Both adult and young learners’ versions of the AIE were used with university students and children respectively, to ascertain the influence of mass media’s depictions of foreigners and others who are different from the typical Japanese. The data analysis showed different ...