Share Paper: Learning Systems Change by Innovating for Innovators: A Face-to-Face Doctoral Course Goes Online

  1. Danah Henriksen, Arizona State University, United States
Tuesday, March 7 11:50 AM-12:10 PM Capitol South

Abstract: Until recently, doctoral programs have been thought of as requiring the affordances of face-to-face on-campus learning. But as online learning and new technologies continue to alter the barriers of time and distance, opportunities for online or hybrid doctoral learning abound (Council of Graduate Schools, 2005; Ghezzi, 2007). Taking existing pedagogy and moving it into online settings often requires a fresh perspective and rethinking of content (Mishra & Koehler, 2006). In this best practice presentation, I describe the design of a successful, highly-rated online course within an online Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) program in Educational Leadership and Innovation. Both this specific course, ...