Do Language Teachers’ Beliefs and Behavior about Technology Align? A Survey in China

ID: 50908 Type: Virtual Paper
  1. Haixia Liu, Michigan State University , United States
  2. Wenhao Tao, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai, United States
  3. Lina Wang, South China Institute of Software Engineering, United States

Abstract: This study examines Chinese foreign language teachers’ pedagogical beliefs, technology use and the interrelationship between their beliefs and technology use. 179 university foreign language teachers completed an online survey and reported on their pedagogical beliefs, technology use along with their demographic information. Descriptive statistics indicated that their pedagogical beliefs are more constructivists, yet they use technology in both constructivist and transmissive ways. Correlation analysis showed no significant relationship between language teachers’ transmissive and constructivist pedagogical beliefs, yet significant positive relationship between language teachers’ transmissive and constructivist technological behavior was identified. Besides, significant positive relationship between teachers’ constructivist pedagogical beliefs and constructivist use of technology, and between their transmissive pedagogical beliefs and transmissive use of technology were found.


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