Share Paper: Changes in Teacher Dispositions Among Participants in Hands-on Teaching of a STEM Curriculum

  1. Rhonda Christensen, University of North Texas, United States
  2. Gerald Knezek, University of North Texas, United States
Wednesday, March 8 12:10-12:30 PM Capitol G

Abstract: Going Green! Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World (MSOSW) focuses on students using energy monitoring equipment to assess the amount of standby power consumed by their home entertainment devices and appliances when not performing any useful functions. This program focuses on improving the STEM pipeline by preparing both teachers and students in engaging activities aimed at creating and increasing interest in STEM careers for students. Teachers who participated in this hands-on, real world curriculum project, that included professional development, project tools and resources, gained in their dispositions toward engineering, mathematics and constructivist teaching style compared to teachers who did ...