Share Paper: Cloud-based, Blended Learning Environments in Higher Education: Striving to Achieve a Community of Learning in an Asynchronous World

  1. Deborah Clawson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States
Tuesday, March 7 4:15-4:35 PM Capitol A

Abstract: This paper is a report on the implementation of cloud-based, flexible, blended learning environments in a graduate level program. Data from surveys, focus groups and student outcomes were described under the framework of Lockee et al (2002) Summative Evaluation Model for distance education, Yocco’s (2015) research on innovation usability measures, and Garrison et al (2000) Community of Inquiry with online teaching and learning. Findings were that the increased demographic diversity among students was not a significant variable in students’ evaluation of blended learning environments. Higher levels of satisfaction were linked to students’ access (face-to-face or via a form of distance ...