Share Paper: Teacher Candidates and Self Efficacy Using Instructional Technology

  1. Mark Viner, Eastern New Mexico University , United States
  2. Ajay Singh, Eastern New Mexico University , United States
Tuesday, March 7 5:30 PM-7:00 PM Capitol Ballroom D & E

Abstract: In the 21st century, teacher candidates do not necessarily embed technology effectively into classroom instruction (Lan, Worch, YuChun & Aguiton, 2005). Research shows that digital natives technology skills do not always translate into improved integration of technology into classroom practices because some pre-service teacher training programs often fail because of lack of opportunities to employ hands-on, and classroom experiences (Hsien-Chang, T., & Yu-Ting, H., 2015; Polly, Mims, Shepherd & Inan, 2010; Akbaba-Altun, 2006). Research found that providing safe authentic learning activities for teacher candidates which incorporated technology had a positive impact (Banas & York, 2014).