Share Paper: Documenting Required Evidence of Activities during Student Teaching Hours and Training Using the Qualtrics Offline App for Students and Supervisors

  1. Chris Boosalis, Sacramento State, United States
  2. Oddmund Myhre, California State University, Stanislaus, United States
  3. Caroline Turner, Sacramento State, United States
Thursday, March 9 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Capitol G

Abstract: In California, new California Commission on Teacher Credentialing standards require program administrators to maintain a great deal of documentation and monitoring of student teaching supervision activities, hours, and training. For example, the revised California Preliminary Multiple Subject and Single Subject Credential Standards require that programs ensure that credential candidates have substantial experiences in a variety of setting that directly involve P12 students and amount to at least 600 hours on interaction. In addition, the program leadership must also document that university supervisors and cooperating teachers have received appropriate training prior to conducting visits or hosting students. The Qualtrics Offline App ...