Share Paper: Single Subject Research Design to Identify Evidence Based Practices in Early Childhood Special Education

  1. Ajay Singh, Eastern New Mexico University, United States
  2. Chia Jung Yeh, East Carolina University , United States
  3. Pankaj Khazanchi, Cobb County School District, United States
Monday, March 6 4:15 PM-5:15 PM Creekside I

Abstract: The use of single subject research design has a rich history in behavioral research and a rich history exists in which single subject research has provided useful information for behavioral research. Single subject research was first operationalized more than five decades ago and it has proven relevant for defining educational practices at the level of individual subject (Horner, Carr, Halle, McGee, Odom, & Wolery, 2005; Sidman, 1960). This research proposal will explore the use of single subject research design, which might represent an important tool in the implementation of evidence-based practice in early childhood special education.