Share Paper: Exploration of Students’ Experiences and Perceptions in Global Perspectives in Early Care and Education Course

  1. Chia-Jung Yeh, East Carolina University, United States
  2. Sheresa Blanchard, East Carolina University, United States
  3. Barbara Brehm, East Carolina University, United States
  4. Talaileva Faapoi, East Carolina University, United States
Tuesday, March 7 5:30 PM-7:00 PM Capitol Ballroom D & E

Abstract: Early childhood classrooms are more culturally diverse compared, partly due to increasing numbers of immigrants, stressing globalization worldwide trends. How can we prepare our in-service early childhood educators to teach and support varied needs of young children and engage in practices across sociocultural contexts in the era of globalization? The purpose of this study is to conduct a qualitative case study approach using focus group interviews and analysis of student reflection papers to examine students’ perceptions and experiences. Results showed students’ increased their cultural and global awareness and understanding of the variety of early childhood options around the world. Students’ ...