Share Paper: Assessing the Creativity of Middle School Students: A Case Study with Digital Information in the Public Interest

  1. Emilia Askari, Michigan State University, United States
Monday, March 6 3:30 PM-4:00 PM Capitol G

Abstract: Recognizing the growing interest in developing student creativity, and acknowledging the related need for teachers to evaluate students’ creative work, this case study examines the efficacy of a rubric developed by Mishra and Henriksen (2013) for assessing student creative work in middle school. The rubric was developed a master’s level course in a teacher education program. This case study adapts the Mishra-Henriksen rubric for use with a class of 8th graders from a low-SES neighborhood in a large Midwestern metro area. Further, through pre- and post surveys supplemented by student interviews, this study assesses the potential for digital technology to ...