Share Paper: Taiwanese Teachers’ Self-efficacy Towards Inclusive Education

  1. Ajay Singh, Eastern New Mexico University, United States
  2. Chia Jung Yeh, East Carolina University , United States
  3. Aspen Yordy, East Carolina University , United States
  4. Chih-Hung Chung, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Wednesday, March 8 4:15-4:35 PM Capitol G

Abstract: The purpose of this research study is to explore Taiwanese teachers’ self-efficacy toward inclusion education. In this research study a team of professionals from three different universities and two different countries from the United States and Taiwan will explore and examine in-service Taiwanese teachers’ self-efficacy. In this study, the survey questionnaire entitled Self-efficacy in Implementing Inclusive Practices Scale, which was developed by Umesh Sharma (2006, 2008, 2011), will be used to reveal Taiwanese teachers’ self-efficacy. A discrepancy analysis model will determine the training needs of the in-service teachers in Taiwan. Data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics to discover the ...