Share Paper: Evaluating the Effectiveness of simSchool on Increasing Preservice Teachers' Understanding of the Educational Needs of Diverse Learners: A Study across Three Midwestern Universities

  1. David Collum, Missouri Baptist University, United States
  2. Larinee Dennis, Hannibal LaGrange University, United States
  3. Allison Gohring, Lindenwood University, United States
  4. Melanie Bishop, Missouri Baptist University, United States
  5. Timothy Delicath, Missouri Baptist University , United States
Tuesday, March 7 10:15-10:45 AM Capitol G

Abstract: This sequential mixed-method study focused on the use of the Simulation Based Learning (SBL) tool, simSchool, as a supplement to coursework and field experiences, to explore the impact on preservice teachers’ understanding of the educational needs of diverse learners. The study was conducted across three Midwestern Universities. Twenty-one simulated classroom modules were created representing six different classroom settings designed to focus on four diversity areas: socioeconomic issues, ethnicities, exceptionalities, and English as second language (ESL) students. The analysis of the qualitative data, as well as the data embedded within the simSchool software, suggested that the use of simSchool did increase ...