Share Paper: Digital Fabrication in Education: A Critical Look at Authentic Integration

  1. Shaunna Smith, Texas State University, United States
  2. Jonathan Cohen, Georgia State University, United States
  3. Monty Jones, Virginia Commonwealth University, United States
Tuesday, March 7 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Capitol North

Abstract: This panel will take a critical look at how digital fabrication technologies can be authentically integrated to support learning in the areas of STEM, STEAM, and educational makerspaces. The panelists will discuss 1) ways of considering the affordances of digital fabrication technologies (vs. non-digital means of making), 2) the use of digital design-based learning strategies to support “makifying” learning experiences and 3) alternative assessment strategies that retain the essence of the maker culture. Following the formal discussion, panelists will invite panel attendees to share their thoughts, personal experiences, concerns, and questions about authentically integrating digital fabrication technologies in their own ...